Techno Aerospace specializes in providing a broad array of solutions and products for the interiors of Business and VIP Aircraft, the premium cabins of Airlines and Freighter aircraft, and military and special missions aircraft.

We are not a typical engineering and manufacturing company. We have a fun, learning culture built on Lean Manufacturing principles. We love continuous improvement. We are a flat organization and are not about titles and position, but about teamwork and performance. We have a family feel to our culture. We want to significantly influence our markets, our people, and our communities.

At Techno Aerospace, our employees are so much more than a resource to accomplish business objectives. A core reason why we exist is to support our people to grow to their full potential as professionals and members of their families and communities.

As part of our development, we continuously create opportunities for hiring additional talent at our four facilities, in the Miami area, in Tampa bay, and in Dallas.

We invite you to browse the career opportunities at our facilities, and to come back frequently. There is always something new!

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