Luxury Surfaces

Hydrographics – We not only offer the highest quality hydrographics in aviation, but we offer unique and custom color, pattern, and design options to make your interior truly unique.

3D Applications – We have the capability to provide one-of-a-kind and completely finished 3D walls, panels, decos and more to elevate your interior to the next level.

Electroplating – As the largest and one of the oldest electroplaters in aviation, we are a full-service plating company offering a wide variety of plated finishes, disassembly and reassembly, the most durable clearcoats in aviation and plating on plastics and all non-metals.

Veneer – Techno Aerospace offers the most comprehensive collection of finish options in the industry. Our experienced craftsmen have years of applying all types of veneer on cabinetry, bars, snack centers, galleys and more.

Ceramic Coatings – We developed this coating especially for aircraft sinks, carpet thresholds and other items that tend to experience high-wear. It is not only durable it’s a beautiful finish and we offer it in a variety of colors and marble patterns. Experience the beautiful and ultra-durable, Glaskote ceramic coating.


Aircraft completions require outstanding levels of quality, while maintaining very short lead times and on-time delivery. Techno Aerospace has been the premier electroplating brand for 42 years, having created the most popular finishes used today in aviation. We offer a wide variety of plated colors, unique textures, and multiple clear coats.

Our ISO 9001/AS9100 certified by NSF-ISR facility maintains the highest levels of quality in the industry. Our quality is also certified by the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Through the use of our Lean methodologies, we maintain the highest on-time ratings in the market, while providing our customers with lead times required by their internal processes.
Techno Aerospace is an FAA Repair Station (Certificate No. 19TR441B)

3D Finishing

By an artist’s hand, STYLLOS® is created for each project to provide a unique and individual artistic surface. The combination of a special technique and the use of fine metals results in one of a kind textured surfaces, designed to add interest to any interior. Offered in glossy and matte finishes, STYLLOS® can be applied to any substrate or geometry. Our STYLLOS® finish can range from bold 3D forms to subtle veneer highlights. With our proprietary technique, we can also create ornate inlays into surfaces that would otherwise require intricate machining and traditional cabinetry techniques.


AUTHENTIQUE® is an expressive alternative to the traditional finishing of hard surfaces that can be applied to nearly any geometry and substrate. Our technique adds dimension and interest and offers a wide variety of patterns and colors. We also provide the unique ability to custom match finishes such as existing wood, stone, marble, leather and nearly any pattern. Weight savings, flame and heat resistance, ability to consistently reproduce and capability to configure specialized patterns are all unique benefits of the AUTHENTIQUE® process. Difficult to find wood veneer and rare precious stone can now be replaced with an AUTHENTIQUE® likeness. The possibilities for customization are endless. Use AUTHENTIQUE® to express your creativity in your cabin interior.

Ceramic Coatings

GLASKOTE® is an ISO 9001/AS9100 certified by NSF-ISR facility. Our GLASKOTE® provides an ultra-durable and elegant ceramic surface for a wide variety of applications on stainless and low carbon steel. Excellent for high wear surfaces such as sinks, thresholds and flooring. With GLASKOTE®, we can match nearly any desired color and can custom create various stones and patterns. TECHNO AEROSPACE® is proud to offer such a high quality surface that can withstand the toughest abuse while maintaining a high level of design. Some of GLASKOTE® outstanding features include: slip resistant tiles, less weight than standard ceramic, nearly impervious to abrasion and the ability to endure extreme changes in temperature.