Lining Systems

Techno Aerospace has been the leading supplier of VIP and commercial lining systems for narrow and wide-body applications for the past 20 years.  Our VIP lining systems are fully customizable to meet any customer specification.
Techno can provide a full mock-up of a narrow body and wide-body liner in able to “fit check” the liner before delivery to the customer.  This allows Techno to include many of the work scopes that would be burdened by the customer, such as;

  • Component cutouts and insert installations
  • Edge fill or banding applications
  • Custom dome and valance detail applications
  • Decompression panel and hinge installations
  • Complete pre-assembly of latches and lanyard hardware

Techno also offers commercial lining systems and overhead baggage bins.  Our commercial liner system has been influenced by our VIP offerings and provides a more elegant feel than the typical OEM liner system with customizable options.

Techno’s complete lining systems (commercial and VIP) are comprised of all periphery panels, all secondary support structure which is isolated from the aircraft primary structure, panel latches, lanyards, and all associated installation hardware.  Our quality records provide documentation every step of the way, from initial panel layup to the final dimensioned panel, including testing for each oven run.

Support Structures

With the strength of our flight science group and vast capabilities in structural substantiation we have the capabilities to integrate many of the structural elements of the VIP interior. Examples include antenna installations, equipment rack installations installation, floor structure reinforcements & monument installation.

Over the years Techno Aerospace has developed many design principles and standard parts which allows us to efficiently install the VIP components such as liners and monuments to the aircraft structure. Since many of these standards have FAA approved allowables it allows us to seamlessly merge our existing standards with new components and reduce the risk to the customer by using tried and true methods of installation.

Environmental Control Systems

Cabin comfort is one critical factor which must be taken into consideration in accomplishing a cabin reconfiguration or complete interior completion. Techno has provided environmental control system designs for a variety of Boeing and Airbus aircraft…

Techno Aerospace will provide a full flow analysis, system design and integration, substantiation, as well as provide for on-site support during balancing and certification testing.

As a subset to these designs, we have engineered many ECS parts which have been designed to provide efficient air flow with minimum noise and are fabricated in-house using our tooling, fiberglass lay-up, and thermoforming capabilities.

Tooling Molds

Techno Aerospace is the industry leader in the tooling mold design and manufacturing for composite components. The in-house production engineering team located in Tampa Bay designs our molds and tooling to handle any specific production cycles, volumes, dimensions, and processing conditions based on customer and/or project requirements.

  • Wet layup molds
  • VARTM layup molds
  • Hi-temp foam tooling
  • 3D printed tooling
  • Aluminum & nickel tooling
  • Research & development

Techno Aerospace has an extensive inventory of tooling molds which provide “off the shelf” solutions for numerous lining panel shapes and contours. Techno recognizes that in addition to achieving the highest quality possible, cost and schedule are the next two most significant considerations for any interior completion, reconfiguration, or refurbishment project. By providing a large tooling mold selection, Techno is offering a proactive solution which addresses all these key factors. Of course, we recognize there are more often than not, unique requirements which must be satisfied. Techno offers complete in-house tooling mold design and fabrication capability to meet the most demanding customer requirements.