Turnkey Galleys

Techno Dallas Turnkey galleys are fully engineered in house including stress analysis, testing and certification. Techno manufactures and assembles complete galleys, with finish and installation of all support systems including wiring and plumbing and CFE installation. On-site functional testing of all galley components is accomplished at Techno Dallas prior to final delivery. All wire harnesses are produced in-house utilizing a laser wire marking machine and are installed in-house to latest Boeing and Airbus requirements. Techno Tampa Bay develops the installation design, and analysis, and manufactures the installation kits of the Turnkey galleys. Customers can elect to have Techno Aerospace provide Turnkey galleys, build to print galleys, or galley engineering services.

Techno offers the most industry experience in VIP galleys and provides the highest level of customer support. Techno Aerospace responsiveness allows it to offer shorter lead times and immediate on-site installation and product globally.

Techno galley quality, fit, finish, function, and reliability are unequalled in the industry. Experience the difference.