Lean Manufacturing

Our customers have very tight schedules and program requirements to meet. As demonstrated over the past 15 years, the Lean Management methodologies provide very strong and systematic approaches to processes, which allow outstanding results in the levels of service, on-time deliveries, and quality performance. 

At Techno Aerospace, Lean Manufacturing is not just a set of tools. It is a highly engrained culture, demonstrated in the way we operate our Company, our facilities, and our programs. It is the methodology we use to build our teams and train our teammates. 

Our teams are organized by Value Streams, starting at the Top Management levels, and all the way to the manufacturing cells. For our customers, this means that they have a dedicated team serving them and their programs, understanding their specific requirements and unique demands. Our Program Managers and Account Managers are empowered to respond effectively to their customer requirements, as they have the authority to make the key decisions in their Value Stream teams, with the support of the entire Company structure.

Our manufacturing cells are uniquely designed, with such elements as takt times, kanban systems, and quality at the source, to assure on-time deliveries to our customers.

Visit any of our 4 facilities, and we will be happy to let our teammates demonstrate how our culture operates day after day to comply with the most stringent requirements of our customers.