Our Customers

At Techno Aerospace, we develop solutions to our customer’s challenges in taking their visions to reality, with the goals of achieving unmatched speed to market; integrating the process and delivering it turnkey from project inception to certification, and providing the best response to our customer regardless of the size of the project.

We excel in taking sophisticated design concepts and making them flight worthy.
In providing those solutions to our customers, we integrate a broad variety of fields of knowledge, from chemistry and engineering, to advanced manufacturing processes and management systems.

Our Team

At Techno Aerospace, our teammates are not a resource. Developing our people is an end by itself. We grow our people through learning and team building, making them more effective in serving our customers, better family and community members, and ultimately more successful individuals.

Our Stewardship

At Techno Aerospace we realize we are stewards of the resources that we are entrusted with for us to manage, and it is our responsibility as a Company, as teams, and as individuals, to make those resources durable, efficient and productive.